Once upon a time, my friend Anmarie sang me a song in her garden. I knew she was an amazing poet (among other things), but had never heard her sing. The song was so beautiful that all the hairs on my arms raised up, and I became an instant fan. She formed a band with other, also wonderful musicians, and we collaborated on a series of hexes (the symbols used in spells, good and bad), one for each of their songs.

Each hex is inspired by the lyrics (natch), but creating an image that incorporated the appropriate symbols and also worked as a repetitive, circular pattern was a delightful and absorbing challenge. I designed each in black-and-white at first (as I always do), then added color. They make damn nice temporary tattoos, if I say so myself (and possibly garden art).

More info on their heavily historic, literary deliciousness at http://littlehexes.com/.

“In the Garden”

“Blue Birds”

“Phineas Gaged”

“Cactus Man”



“Have Sympathy for King Marke”

“Mary Margaret”

“Mister Madame Bovary”


“Pick Axe”


“Steamer Trunk”

“Here Comes the Sunshine When She’s Gone”



“Mata Hari”