When I was a teenager, I had a dream about floating in the water, when all of a sudden the world turned upside down and I FELL. I then spent several years working on a story about a girl who falls off the edge of the earth. I wrote many pages, developed a lot of characters, and spent days working through the details of the landscape. The thing was, I could never quite figure out WHY she falls off, in the first place. I created a lot of scenarios, but none of them felt emotionally satisfying, so I put the story aside, with regret.

About 15 years later (why is it always 15 years, with me?), I went through a divorce. It sucked, but I gained a number of things from it. The rest of my life, for one, and a good therapist, and also the reason Beatrice falls off the edge. So it was worth it, in my opinion.

The story is entirely written, but not yet entirely drawn. This is the very beginning.